Thursday, September 8, 2011


So I've just arrived back from my first ever mani-pedi combo. Granted I wore acrylic nails in high school and for rollerskating competitions. But I had never had my feet scrubbed by little Asian ladies before

Honestly, I feel a bit dirty after going there, its not that I didn't see the ladies scrub down the chairs and foot baths, its not that I think the tools were dirty.

It was the heavily scented obviously dirt cheap products and the torture.. I mean massage chair that they sat me in , and smelling and feeling like an Asian hooker isn't exactly my idea of a 'pampered' experience. 

Also since there was a lot of muttering in some language I couldn't understand, I wasn't sure if I was being gossiped about, or if they were talking about the other women or their  bosses..

Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful sitting there and having my feet rubbed, my cuticles cut, my callus's exfoliated, my nails are grapealicious, they are finally all the same length, and after paying $30 I'll probably be better about wearing gloves when I do dishes! Also it felt pretty good to have two or more ladies working on me at the same time... talk about star treatment

Next time I'm going to spring for the $60 combo at Spatini, I've never been the type to skimp or try to save on beauty treatments, and I'm going to keep with that method after this experience.... and just continue to hope and pray for a local deal on Groupon or Living Social....le sigh 

On the upside however, due to a 'lost in translation' moment, when I was assisting the women in the seat next to me in explaining a color choice to the manicurist, which had us both questioning if we had pissed them off or if we were just confused... we're still not too clear on what was going on

I met a really nice lady from Texas who suggested that we get together..... excuse me for my excitement, but in a town where I know very few ladies, and even fewer that would go get a manicure-pedicure with me. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of a new home-girl to go do girly things with!!

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  1. How cool that you met a potential BFF! Being a stay at home momma, I never have the opportunity to get out and make lots of friends. I'd be ecstatic..LOL! Sad isn't it?