Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mail Time!

Check out what just arrived in the mail today!

This 'stuff bucket' from Neatnix. You can get one for yourself on thier website.  This bucket is 8" tall and can hold TONS of stuff! So far Annabella has been using it for her new farm animals. But I plan to use it for my craft and sewing supplies. 

The 'Stuff bucket" is 8" high and sells for $18.00. The website also has lots of other devices for organizing your closet like the Slide N stacks a vertical system for organizing your closet! Its like a files for your closet so that you don't tear everything off your shelves! I hope to try them in the near future

The "Stuff bucket" got here with superfast shipping. and arrived in some large bubble wrap, which normally I wouldn't like, but Annabella really ejoyed popping the larger sized bubbles so...

I won the bucket by being one of the first ten people to send the staff at Neatnix a picture of my disorganized closet! Thanks to Twittermoms for hosting the great RAMBO alert that told me about this contest

I received a free "Stuff Bucket" but was not required to write a review. These opinions are my own.

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