Monday, September 13, 2010

I got my fracture

And I'm amazed

This Fracture is the coolest picture I have ever recived.

After lots of debating we finally decided on this picture of Annabella I took at Luther Burbank Gardens in Santa Rosa California. Its been a favorite of ours for a long time, apparently we weren't the only ones who liked this picture because look at the note that came with it, thanks Matthew, glad you liked it.

The picture arrived in about four days from when I ordered it, pretty impressive considering that they are a new company!

First I noticed the package, its sent in a piece of cardboard that the picture sits in, opening the package was definitely more fun then most. I appreciated that here wasn't a lot of extra foam and bubble tape, the package keeps the glass safe without adding lots of extra.

The process is simple, upload your photo onto the site and then select your photo size (don't worry, if the quality of th photo is low and it won't look nice on the fracture the site tells you). Then you can choose a frame (also printed on the glass). Finalize your order and then you are done! Your image is digitally printed onto the back side of the glass and then sent to you!

The size I got was an 8x10 I got it for free for the review,but it only costs $12 to buy. The size photos start at 5x7 for $8 and go up to 11x14 for only $25 with deals like these, why bother spending all the money to get your picture framed?

the fracture is super thin

Not only does the  Fracture have quality like a television screen, it will last 3-5 years (and thats if you put it outside in direct sunlight) Its scratch and shatter resistant and it has no sharp edges. To hang it, simply put the provided screw in the wall and hang the thin self mounting photo onto it. So simple.

Overall; get yourself some, you can't beat the price, and they look so much nicer then a regular photo underneath some glass. I plan on getting all Annabella's pictures that are nice made into fractures. Because they will last for so long!

Thanks to twitter moms and  Fracture for hosting this great opportunity
I received a free 8x10  Fracture for a previous post, and this review the opinions are entirely my own


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  1. That's neat as hell! I might get some of our wedding pictures done at a later date. :D