Friday, September 3, 2010

A fun party!

Annabella turned one on the first of the month and we had a small get together for her. She got lots of wonderful presents, unfortunetly, I forgot to charge my camera until she started opening them, luckily my camera charges fast, so I got pictures of her opening up her barn set.

The first gifts were opened much slower then the last one, by the Barn she had figured out what was going on

Showing off some wrapping paper skillls!

Look! A farmer!

After presents and some playtime, we had some cake, I'm kind of regretting that I didn't make her a chocolate cake because I think the pictures might have been better. But everybody at the party loved them, in fact it was the first time I've ever seen every cupcake that I made get eaten. 

Watching mommy get the cupcake ready,  I made the hat with a simple design, let me know if you would like a tutorial for it and I will work on one. I also made her the bib out of recycled fabric.

She was a little confused at everybody singing to her (usually she's singing to us!)

I can't remember my first taste of buttercream, but I bet it was an amazing experience. 

To get a reaction like this out of your guests make Billy's Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes, they are sure to be a hit, as is anything I make from Martha's website. I used 1 1/2 tsp of baking powder, if you read the comments and watch the video, you'll see there is a lot of dispute about how much baking powder to put in them. To be honest I think using 2 tsp of the baking powder might have made them fluffier without effecting the taste.

This was after the cupcake, you can tell by the huge sugar -spun eyes. She had just taken the toy from the dog and was making one of her typical 'Please  Uncle Sean' faces. She has him wrapped around her finger!

All in all it was a small but happy birthday and I think Annabella enjoyed herself, the highlight of the night was watching Annabella take her first steps after her cupcake while  being a crazy baby! 

Happy Birthday Annabella!

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  1. awww whatta happy bday for Annabella!! Wish i was there, but i will see you soon! and cant wait!