Monday, December 28, 2009

Truffles.... well almost

I made truffles the other day for my friend, and I wished that I had saved some for myself, so I decided to make some, it didn't turn out quite like I planned but I still got to eat my chocolate. Truffles by the way are DELICIOUS! And can be made in about 20 minutes (plus 2 hrs chilling then you have to roll them into balls and then into cocoa or something)

First I bring about 1/8 cup of heavy cream  to a simmer over LOW heat stirring constantly, it will quickly reach a simmer
Next add 3 tablespoons of butter, and continue to mix over low heat, the red spoon is from the Christmas cranberry sauce.
Melt the butter and continue to stir until it is all melted and a uniform liquid
Now add about half a bag of semisweet chocolate chips ( or bittersweet, or whatever kind you like, I experiment with whats on sale) Melting over low heat
I kept Melting and stirring over the lowest setting that I had. Making lovely swirly designs with my spoon, wishing chocolate didn't burn on high heat
Now at this point I sometimes will stir in some vanilla extract. I haven't yet made two batches side by side to see which one I like better yet, keep going almost there!

Now I had some lovely chocolate truffle mmmmmmmm

Now I allotted myself, as I always do some warm chocolate to eat because its SOOO yummy when its warm
I poured the rest into a cup which I then covered in tin foil and put in the refrigerator.

What I should have done was leave it alone in that refrigerator covered. But it is like velvet, and I guess I didn't allot myself enough chocolate, because I ate it, it was there in the fridge and I was in a bad mood. Feeling agro and Annabelle kept yelling at me. So what do I do when I'm in a bad mood. Since I've vowed no cigarettes till Annabelle is done breastfeeding. I haven't smoked one in about two and a half years. And don't intend on subjecting her to that

SO I ATE CHOCOLATE! And its such a great substitute, tastes so much better

For those of you who don't devour it before its hard. You should leave it for two hours in the fridge then scoop out tablespoons full and roll them to balls then roll them in toasted nuts, coconut, cocoa powder, cocao  nibs, or even some jimmies sprinkles, make sure they are good quality though or they taste waxy.

Good luck

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