Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chicken Florentine

Well we had chicken Flourentine tonight with fresh spinach pasta made in my cuisine art stand mixer and it was DELICIOUS! I am drying the pasta right now and hope that it will come out good, now that I have a food dehydrator it is very easy for me to do this but I have never done it before I am hoping that it comes out better then the stuff I let dry on the counter (yuck) But the chicken was good I didn't even use a meat thermometer to check the temp of the chicken (which I usually do because I am narotic about getting food posioning

the fresh pasta, i toss it in cornmeal after I seperate it so that it doesn't stick

the finished product, it was well liked by all

Now I am drying it and hoping that it comes out well, daddy is playing video games and I am here in the kitchen wishing that all my pots and pans weren't at our other house becuase I am bored here doing nothing, ahh well tomarrow will mean another car ride, but hmmmmm, chicken and rice....

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