Friday, November 9, 2012

An experiment in Positivity

So since November 1st this year I have been adding a daily facebook post, with something that I'm grateful for, sometimes its meaningful like family, or flexibility, other times its something simple like cheese or music..... but today is the first time I really sat back and looked at my experiment and realized that after nine days of naming the things I'm grateful for, I'm actually doing this more often then thinking about the negative things.

An example, the other day when I blew a tire at dunkin the drive-thru, then changed my tire in the parking lot, then drove across the street to put air in it, where the spare tire came of the tire trek  then when it started snowing I called AAA, where they towed my car, and I had to buy a new tire....

Now normally, I would have been in full break down mode fort that, but I remained oddly calm during the whole thing, I knew it would work out, and it did it wasn't nearly as bad as I could have made it.

Also when driving in the car, I have a tendency to think about whats going on in my life, both the good and the bad. More often then not, the thoughts would turn to negative, but recently when I have started to have those negative thoughts, a little voice in my head has been reminding me to turn them into positive thoughts!

Now this could just be something in me that's been coming to surface, but I doubt it, I believe that my conscious effort to bring more positivity my life has been working!

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