Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Car Insurance

I hate car insurance
I hate buying it
I hate paying for it
I hate shopping for it
I hate the people who sell it

That being said
I'm shopping for car insurance

Here's the deal
I got a DUI right before I got pregnant with Annabella
I also had a suspended license in Rhode Island because I didn't have insurance when I was sixteen

Yes I know I'm SOOO irresponsible so I should be forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money for insurance.. but seriously right now I have to have two separate policies for each state. Why?? Because most insurance companies won't give you two SR22's on one policy So instead of paying for one, I pay $450 for six months for EACH policy, thats roughly 160 a month! UGH!

 I should be done with this crap by February of 2012 and hopefully I should have a much cheaper policy after all this and at least all this paying of bills is helping my credit score (which is terrible) So I'm trying to be optimistic here, and right now since I have been saving for my trip across the country  I have extra cash to renew the policy that I have (my wonderful mother paid for the first six months of each policy to help me get on my feet)

So that being said, I'm shopping for car insurance, and if anybody has any advice for finding a good car insurance company..... I'd love to hear about it

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