Thursday, December 13, 2012

Onion Crunch

As I sit here blogging to you, I am holding an open container of pretty much the most delicious snack I've found yet.

Its not a chip, or popcorn. And it might not be the healthiest thing for me to eat by the bagful, but on top of a cheeseburger....Oh divine! 

Onion crunch is a product that will go wonderful on top of a green bean casserole, I eat it on salads, soups, pizzas, and on top of sandwiches.

Onion crunch contains no trans-fat, it has no sodium and no cholesterol!

You can find Onion Crunch at 7-11, Whole Foods or by using the Store Locator on the Onion Crunch website.

The Onion Crunch website also has some great recipes on their website, the onion crunch really adds a some great flavor to the recipes that you've tried over and over again.

I love carrying a container of onion crunch around with me when I'm going out, its a great way to jazz up an ordinary dish!

I received a free sample of Onion Crunch for this review, All opinions are my own. I did not  receive any monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Just tried Onion Crunch ontop of my homemade White Bean Chili...Wow! This is my new fav chili topping!
    Molto Mario

  2. Life changing! It's amazing on sandwiches. I always eat chips while I scarf down a sandwich. When I used Onion Crunch, I felt like I was eating chips and a sandwich, all in one! New favorite seasoning/condiment. Two thumbs up!